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A headstudy of my boy, Bashir.  Thank you, Rebecca Peffer, for this image!

SoHounds is located just outside of Cambridge, Minnesota north of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on over 11 acres. I am a board member of Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club and Northland Amateur Racing Club, past board member of the local coursing club, and a member of the Borzoi Club of America.


SoHounds Just Be



ACTION PHOTOS (not currently active)

Ch Mielikki's Twilight Taboo


Teine Voluspa Prophecy

2012 - Bashir x Vala  Litter

SoHounds Crystal Ball

2012 - JB x Boo Litter

1st generation of SoHounds Borzoi

Non-Borzoi Residents
Past Residents Splash the Greyhound

Ch Morgandell Back in Black

Samson the Dachshund


BIF Am/UCI Int'l Ch Dar Morev's Torch the Sky FCh SC

Twin Elm's Pipkin of Frith JC

Ch Regius One Star In Sight

Abby the Greyhound
Kehaar the Borzoi
Ivan the Borzoi

Abby & Kehaar, two of my angels waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

A few borzoi I've had the pleasure of being involved with aren't on my page. Those would be Rio, the rescue boy, who was owned & loved by my friend Simona in Colorado; lil Mr. Bob owned by friend Amy Hough up north in Minnesota; and Zvezdah, owned & bred by Yvonne & Rey McGehee in Idaho. Rio was only with me as a foster dog for a couple weeks, but I will always remember the time he spent here. Bob, being a son of Bonnie Dalzell's Blaze, loves chasing the fake bunny, and when he was younger I loved taking him out coursing or racing although Amy & her two young boys really missed the little guy when he was gone with me. Zvezdah stayed at my house for a couple months, but she was so terribly missed by her breeders the placement wasn't meant to be, so she returned to her loving family.

Pipkin & Samson in my back paddock (two more of my angels)


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